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A remote and SysEx-editor for E-MU Planet Phatt, Orbit and Carnaval devices

Orbit Carneval Planet Phatt stack

Latest release: 0.9.1
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About: E-MU Planet Phatt (1997), Orbit (1996) and Carnaval (1997) are synthesizer sound modules which feature very analog-like controls such as filters, envelopes and LFO modulation effects. Very cool: everything is MIDI controllable. This is what ppc takes advantage of. ppc controls the devices via MIDI messages. The master setup and every preset parameter (135) can be edited in a graphical user interface.
ppc can be used to just set/load/save the master settings of your device(s) but also, and this is where the fun begins and ppc really shines, to create your very own, new, exceptional sounds. ")

Got questions, found a bug, miss a feature or just want to send me a cool preset you have made?

Introjuicing.... prodatum (Editor for E-MU Proteus 2000 Modules, Command Stations and Keyboards).

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Sep 01 2008
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